Style Global, Designs,Engineers and Manufactures an Outstanding Series of both Gas and Charcoal Fired Custom Circular Style Grills, featuring radical configurations with virtually every known feature this Style of Grill can offer, all of which have been duly proven throughout the World Wide Market Place for the past fifteen years.

Clients seeking to add an era of excitement and flare to their business and patrons alike should look No Further than one of our Spectacular Custom Circular Grills, All of which incorporate features with a distinct point of difference to that of conventional grill models.

Standard Gas Model Grills Include: Quality heavy duty stainless steel custom chassis and deck configurations, high performance quad style removable branding grates, grate cleaning tool, grate removal tool set, high performance gas grill burners fitted with matching burner radiants, gas safety flame failure devices, D.C. ignition system, Hi/Lo gas burner controls, hinged service access doors fitted to the lower Appliance facias, SAI/GLOBAL and INTERTEK Approved Appliance Gas Safety Certifications, endorsed by various Countries, World Wide.

Charcoal/Solid Fuel Models Include: Full Custom Circular Refractory Brick Lined Fuel Bin, Custom heavy duty milled style removable product branding grates, custom grate removal and cleaning tool set, custom electric wand ignition system.


Additional Custom Factory Options Include: Custom full circular stainless steel tray race, Custom electric motorised angled removable rotisserie skewers, custom full 360 degree motorised rotating branding grate mechanism, custom rotating fireproof removable grease tray carousel, custom quad style flued smooth griddle plate sections, custom gas fired display flame burners available in various configurations to enhance the appliance theatre style attraction, once positioned prominently in it’s chosen restaurant location, custom motorised full width removable heavy duty spit configuration, custom external coloured panels, custom removable stainless steel condiment dishes inserted into the custom tray race sections where required.